The Gay Place

Here is a short gay story. One day I got a text message from my bff saying 'I am feeling horny shall we go out ?' I said yes and went over to his house. I went in and yelled 'where the fuck are you', 'Upstairs he shouted back'. When I got to his room he was lying in his bed and I asked him why he was not yet ready to go. And When I said that I pulled back his blanket. What I saw was a shock to me. He was golding his fully erect penis while he was stroking it.WTF i said. Then the most amazing thing ever happened. He said 'We are best friends since kindergarten and I am in love with you ever since.' We never talked about gay feelings but when he told me that my big fat cock did not have enough room in my jeans. I sat next to him and touched his chest. I had no gay experience at all but when I kissed him and he swirled his tongue around mine I knew I wanted to try. I slowly went down to his nipples and kissed them softly. My hand was touching his inner thigh and he got goose bumps.'You want me to suck you off ?' He pulled me back up and said 'Yes I want you to take my cock in your mouth please suck my boner'. I told him that I never had a penis in my mouth before. 'Don't you dare to come without telling me I do not want your sperm in my eyes.' I went down on him and kissed his mushroom first. It made me feel super horny and then I took his shaft in my mouth. I felt that his cock got even harder. It was an amazing feeling. He moaned a bit and I was sucking a man's cock for the very first time. He kept moaning a bit and then all over sudden without telling me he shouted OMG and he squirted his cum deep inside my mouth. It surprised me and I pulled back but within a split second I went down on him again and licked up all the warm sperm. I even swallowed some. Next time I will tell you about our first anal experience. We started with fingers but now we both are able to take each others cock up our ass.


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